13 Common Keto Killing Mistakes Could Easily Ruin Your Diet

There are some mistakes that you must avoid while going Keto or else all your effort will be down the drain. If you wonder what these Keto killing mistakes are, check out my article now!

Keto has emerged as a new weight loss trend. With the high fat and low carb diet, it could easily burn your fat and enable you to get back into shape in the shortest amount of time.

Well, this may sound easy, right? Still, in fact, there are lots of people who cannot follow it, and even misinterpret the entire process, and, in the end, turn to an awful diet which could slow down their weight loss progress.

That’s why today, I’m going to show you the most 13 common Keto killing mistakes that takers have made. If you are about to try this kind of diet plan and recipes, check my article now!

1. Too Much Or Too Little Fat

Most of us think that fat is not beneficial for health as it could increase our risk of getting heart disease. That’s why we usually try to cut down on it as much as possible, especially when we get a diet.

However, Keto recipes make use of fat to lose weight. It means that if your fat intake remains below the standard level, you will easily get tired and be unable to work or do everyday activities.

That being said, absorbing an abnormally large amount of fat could also lead to aching muscles as well as headaches. So, change your mind and stop making such Keto mistake anymore! My advice to you is taking a reasonable amount of fat for your bodies so that they can burn their fat themselves.

%Fat In A Ketogenic Diet

                                         Image Source: %Fat In A Ketogenic Diet

2. Wrong Kinds Of Fats

Another Keto mistake that followers often make is choosing the wrong types of fat. The ideal fat that is always highly recommended for a Keto recipe is the one that is contained in fishes (especially salmon), butter, coconut oil, olive oil and so on.

Healthy Fat For Keto Diet

                                                Image Source: Healthy Fat For Keto Diet

3. Not Eating Enough Of Fiber

The third big Keto killing mistake that people often make during their plans is not eating enough vegetables. I know that you want to minimize the carbs. However, the lack of fiber, vitamins, and minerals could lead to digestive disorders.

Moreover, vegetables are beneficial to your health, so make sure that you don’t eliminate vegetables from your daily menu and enjoy a healthy green meal!

Good Vegetables For Keto

                                                Image Source: Good Vegetables For Keto

4. Impatient – Keto Killing Mistakes

The next Keto mistake that I want to mention is the impatience of many dieters. Keto diet means that you have to consume fat instead of other substances. Still, our body used to take in and depend most on carbs, and that has become a habit. However, Rome wasn’t built in one day. So, don’t push your body too hard. They need time to adapt to a brand new diet, especially a strict and difficult one like Keto!

Keto Killing Mistakes

                                                 Image Source: Impatient vs Patient Dieter

5. Too Much Protein Keto Killing Mistakes

Many youngsters often believe that they should take in a lot of meat to get a necessary amount of fat. Actually, when you do this, you will consume not only fat but also a high amount of excess protein. Then, it is converted into glycogen and interrupt your Keto plan process.

Keto Killing Mistakes

                                       Image Source: Proper Protein Quantity For Keto Meals

6. Too Stressful About Your Weight

Another common Keto killing mistake that many of Keto dieters often make is becoming too obsessed with their weight shown on the scale. Well, please keep this in mind: if you follow Keto properly, your body’s energy will mostly be used to build up muscle as well as reduce fat at the same time. And, muscle is much heavier than fat. That’s why sometimes you may not see any changes on the scale but actually, your body is getting in shape every day.

Don’t Be Too Obsessed With Your Scale

                                         Image Source: Don’t Be Too Obsessed With Your Scale

7. No Appropriate Meal Plan

If you want to achieve anything, you need a plan. And, eating in the Keto style is not an exception!

A large number of people tend to forget to track your Macros every day or calculate the suitable Macros for each meal. To be honest, this is a regrettable Keto mistake and you must fix it immediately if you don’t want to waste your effort!

Keto Meal Plan

                                                             Image Source: Keto Meal Plan

8. Sleep Too Little – Keto Killing Mistakes

You may think that your extra weight is mainly caused by your wrong eating plan. However, that’s not all! There is another simple Keto killing mistake but not many people could realize: your sleeping habits.

If you don’t get enough sleep or your sleeping quality is low, your body will burn fewer calories. Besides, this also develops an appetite for more meals.

Keto Killing Mistakes

                                          Image Source: You Can Lose Weight While You Sleep

9. No IF (Intermittent Fasting)

Intermittent fasting is a method when you try to skip 1-2 main meals a day and it has been proved to lose weight, all the while doing wonders for your health.

So, if you are on a Keto diet and see no improvements, then apply IF now. Try not to eat when you’re not too hungry!

A Common Type Of Intermittent Fasting

                                        Image Source: A Common Type Of Intermittent Fasting

10. Overeating Keto Snacks

Demands for Keto are increasing so rapidly that there are more snacks specifically designed for people who follow a Keto diet. However, do not assume that those so-called Keto junk foods are as healthy as a plate of salad. They are often high in calories and if you overeat them, you will still put your body at the risk of being overweight.

Delicious Ketogenic Snacks

                                                  Image Source: Delicious Ketogenic Snacks

11. Eat Hidden Carbs – Keto Killing Mistakes

What are hidden carbs? They come from seasonings or sauces that you use every day to make your dishes more delicious.

So, another Keto killing mistake is that you cannot control what’s in your dressings. Then you might consume more carbs than you think.

Keto Killing Mistakes

                                         Image Source: Common Sources Of Hidden Carbs

12. Overeating Dairy Keto Killing Mistakes

It’s comprehensible to consume tons of dairy in a Keto meal as it’s high-fat. Still, keep a limit on your dairy intake. In case you do not know this, products like milk and yogurt usually contain a considerable amount of carbs as well as calories.

So, if you cannot refrain from using too much dairy food, you will not lose any weight.

Keto Killing Mistakes

                                                            Image Source: Dairy Products

13. Using Chemical Artificial Sweeteners

Keto dieters often rely on artificial sweet foods and drinks to get through their sweet cravings. However, foods that are marketed as “low” or “unsweetened” often fool you with their sugar-coat advertisements, while in reality, they contain just as much carbohydrate as the regular ones do.

So, stay alert and be aware of the foods you take in every day or else you would fall into the trap of this Keto mistake!

Some Types Of Chemical Artificial Sweeteners

                                 Image Source: Some Types Of Chemical Artificial Sweeteners

Final Thoughts

Keto plans and recipes are amazing in spite of their strictness as they enable you to stay healthy all the time. Once you try your best and abide by the rules of the Keto method, you will definitely get a perfect body shape in one day!

Last but not least, thanks for reading my article. I hope that after reading it, you could come up with a better dieting plan and never make those 13 Keto killing mistakes.

Good luck!

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13 Common Keto Killing Mistakes Could Easily Ruin Your Diet


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